is a Toronto-born writer and editor living in Berlin.



Screen video shot of Logo and web design by Studio Push

ONEIRIC.SPACE is an experimental research platform dedicated to interdisciplinary dialogue and collective learning about dreaming. Through its online magazine, quarterly newsletter, gatherings and collaborations, ONEIRIC.SPACE explores how dreams intertwine with our waking lives. It was launched in 2019 alongside writer Effie Efthymiadi. The logo and website were designed and developed by Studio Push.
        In January 2020, ONEIRIC.SPACE hosted a reading-event at Haus am Lützowplatz in the frame of the ‘It was all a dream’ exhibition, curated by Laura Helena Wurth. In 2021, Charmaine was an artist-in-residence at Muzeum Susch conducting research and developing the platform’s public gatherings strand.

        “Like the multi-layered realms it investigates, the website is disorienting, fluid, looping and occasionally even nonsensical.”

        “It manages to capture the mystery, hazy absurdity, and disorienting depth of dreaming without falling onto the trope of whimsical and ‘dreamy’ design.”
AIGA Eye on Design

        “Writers and editors Charmaine Li and Effie Efthymiadi will take you on a journey through the world of dreams with ONEIRIC.SPACE.”
METAL Magazine

MONO.KULTUR #47, 2019

English / 15 x 20 cm / 48 Pages / Pages trimmed to different sizes

mono.kultur is an interview magazine that features one conversation with one artist in each issue.
        For mono.kultur #47, Charmaine interviewed Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

Press coverage in Freunde von Freunden, SLEEK Magazine, SHOWStudio, Flash Art


Charmaine spoke to magCulture for its ‘Issues’ series.