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is an experimental research platform dedicated to gathering and sharing interdisciplinary perspectives on dreams. Through its community newsletter, gatherings and interview archive, ONEIRIC.SPACE explores how dreams intertwine with our waking lives and futures.
        It was launched in 2019 alongside writer Effie Efthymiadi. The logo and website were designed and developed by Studio Push

2020—ONEIRIC.SPACE hosted an ‘Anxiety Release Reading’ at Haus am Lützowplatz in the frame of the ‘It was all a dream’ exhibition, curated by Laura Helena Wurth. In the lead up to the reading, we collected anonymous dream accounts where the prevailing feeling was ‘anxiety’. To explore the various shades of anxiety in a physical space and investigate their dream and waking forms within a group, we read a selection of dream submissions and invited 4 guests – artist and scientist Mert Akbal; historian and writer Edna Bonhomme; poet and printer Nat Marcus; and photographer Charmaine de Heij – to reflect on the topic of anxiety and anxiety dreams.

2021—Charmaine was an artist-in-residence at Muzeum Susch researching the platform’s public gatherings strand.
         —DADDY x ONEIRIC.SPACE co-hosted DREAMSCAPES, an evening to celebrate DADDY’s 5-year anniversary and the launch of the Dreams Issue, at Callie’s Berlin. We facilitated a conversation-slash-research sharing session with poet Sailesh Naidu and artist Sarah Martinus about dreams as an avenue for imagining new futures and how we can hold intimate space for people to dream together.

WWW.ONEIRIC.SPACE is an online interview archive that examines how dreams intertwine with our waking lives through intimate conversations with individuals from the worlds of art, culture, science, philosophy and beyond.
       Each interview is designed to correspond to the content of the conversation and the dream-related material provided by the interviewee. In that sense, each interview is a stand-alone cosmos.

Press coverage of ONEIRIC.SPACE in: 032c, AIGA Eye on Design, METAL Magazine, It’s Nice That