Charmaine is a Toronto-born writer living in Berlin. She writes, often about art and technology, with a keen interest in the possibilities of being with the unknown and the unknowable. 

Her writing has appeared in mono.kultur, Newsweek, C Magazine, DAZED, AnOther, GARAGE, British Journal of Photography, Atmos, NOON Magazine, KING KONG, AIGA Eye on Design, TWIN, CNN Travel, Broccoli Magazine, FAR–NEAR, Maisonneuve, VICE x Amuse, Kinfolk, and The Creative Independentamong others. 

       In 2019, Charmaine and writer Effie Efthymiadi launched ONEIRIC.SPACE, a research vessel exploring how dreams intertwine with waking lives and futures. In collaboration with artists, scientists and practitioners, ONEIRIC.SPACE assembles resources, interviews, and gatherings that examine the multiplicity of approaches to dreams.

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