Charmaine is a Toronto-born writer living in Berlin.

Her writing has appeared in mono.kultur, C Magazine, Newsweek, DAZED, AnOther, GARAGE, British Journal of Photography, Atmos, NOON Magazine, KING KONG, AIGA Eye on Design, TWIN, Broccoli Magazine, FAR–NEAR, FOAM, Maisonneuve, Mildew Magazine, VICE x Amuse, Kinfolk, and The Creative Independentamong others. 

       In 2019, Charmaine and writer Effie Efthymiadi launched ONEIRIC.SPACE, a research vessel exploring the interplay between dreams and waking life. In collaboration with artists, scientists and practitioners, ONEIRIC.SPACE currently assembles research in the form of a newsletter, gatherings, and an interview archive that examine the multiplicity of approaches to understanding dreams.

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